Magic Jack Customer Service 1-888-263-2618 Call Us

Magic Jack Customer Service 1-888-263-2618 Call Us

Magicjack customer service – Many problems, One solution


Magic jack is to communication just as steam engine is to transportation. It has revolutionized communication. It uses Voice over IP technology which is cheap and as we know International calls are a very expensive affair in the United States so people choose MagicJack to make international calls. But as it happens with every hardware, Magic Jack sometimes cause errors and technical difficulty and we take care of your problems so you don’t have to. Don’t worry about errors anymore, just get into your chatty mode and just dial your family and friends.

Frequent errors and technical difficulties that arise in MagicJack

Problems connecting to endpoint
Device not functioning
Subscription expired
Problems installing MagicJack
Call dropped issue
Automatic disconnecting of calls

  • What else to expect from our MagicJack Customer service
    The customer’s peace of mind is most important for us and we take our customer’s problems very seriously. Our experts sincerely work out the solution to your Magicjack issues. Our engineers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so don’t bother calling us. We are here for you always.

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We are not in anyway affiliated to Magicjack manufacturing company. We are a independent solution providing company, providing cost effective and reliable solutions.

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